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Area Rug Cleaning in Queens

Are you looking for Area Rug Cleaning in Queens, NY? DaVinci Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing safe, efficient area rug cleaning to leave your home clean and your family safe and healthy!

Did you know that Davinci Carpet Cleaning can clean most area rugs safely inside your home? Most people assume that they would have to send their rugs out for weeks and spend hundreds of dollars to get their rugs clean and vibrant again.

Our onsite area rug cleaning provides excellent results at a fraction of the cost that plant cleaners charge, and you can walk on your rugs the SAME DAY! Why send your rugs out when Davinci Carpet Cleaning can safely clean your precious wool and synthetic fiber rugs for you in your home? We take special care in assessing your area rug to ensure quality maintenance.

Our technicians will first identify the fiber of your area rug so they can choose the perfect, gentle cleaning solution. The result will be a gorgeous area rug to complement the look of your home.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process

Steam naturally sanitizes and deodorizes surfaces, making it a vital component for your maintenance needs. Keep your house cleaner for less and avoid harsh products with our professional eco, family, and pet cleaning techniques.

DaVinci Carpet Cleaning’s trusted steam carpet cleaning process:

Our technicians will first identify the fiber of your area rug 

We vacuuming your carpets to remove dust, dirt and small particles

A carefully selected gentle,  eco- and pet-friendly cleaning solution is applied to remove dirt, grime, stains, and pet odors.

Hot water extraction is used to safely remove dirt and stains, leaving behind a clean area rug and no residue.

The result will be a gorgeous area rug to complement the look of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

DaVinci Carpet cleaning uses commercial drying fans to speed up the drying process which allows your carpet to dry in hours not days. Call us to get a quote and schedule your appointment today!

Are your carpet cleaning products safe?

Yes. We apply our organic pre-spray cleaning solution, which is completely safe for both people and pets. Additionally, we use a hot water steam extraction method that will leave your carpets clean and residue-free. 

Do you clean in my home or pick up the rugs?

We offer both in-home and pick-up rug cleaning services! Give us a call today to schedule your next rug cleaning!

Area Rug Cleaning Results

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